Usual questions


Financial issues :

Can we put an option on a stay?

- Yes it is valid for 5 days, pending the payment of 25% of the basic amount of the stay + 15 euros of application fees.

How to pay ?

- By credit card, check, ANCV, bank transfers and also cash.

Bank checks are not accepted within 30 days.

Is there a cancellation insurance ?

- You can take out cancellation insurance

for a rental: 14.70 € / week

for a bare pitch: 11 € / week

For more details, click here

Are there any fees ?

- Yes, they are in the amount of 15 euros.

They are free if:

You book on the internet and pay the deposit by credit card or bank transfer or

If you pay the total amount of the stay at the booking by credit card or bank transfer

Do you accept good CAF ?

- No, good CAFs are not accepted.

The campsite is a member of the VACAF system which is a different organization from the one that manages the good CAF

Questions about the campsite :

Are there TVs in rentals ?

- Yes for some rentals but otherwise you can ask extra in the reception.

Can we rent high beds or high chairs for babies ?

- Yes you can rent complete kits or only one of them.

Are sheets and blankets provided ?

- All rentals have pillows, duvets and mattresses.

If you want to rent sheets they will be charged

15 euros a pair of sheets large beds

15 euros a pair of sheets small beds

We also offer disposable sheets

Are there dishwashers in rentals ?

- The mobile homes are not equipped with dishwashers.

Is there a launderette ?

- Yes, which is accessible between 9h and 19h.

Prices :

Washing machine → 5 €

Tumble dryer → 3 €

Laundry → 1 €

Iron available on bail

Is there Wi-FI ?

- Yes, the WI-FI is present on the whole camping and paying for more information, click here

What is the size of the sites ?

- The size of the pitches goes from 90 m² to 110 m².

How to go to the campsite ?

- To access the map click here

If you can not find the campsite, you can enter on your GPS "The village of Kerrandeville".

What types of electrical connections and what amperage do you offer ?

- Our connections are countable with standard outlets.

We have a power of 10 amps.

Are barbecues allowed ?

- Yes, but they are your responsibility.

It is possible to rent a barbecue at the reception for 2 € / day

You will be asked to follow certain safety instructions

Can we park two vehicles ?

- Yes, it is possible to park your second vehicle in the indoor car park but it will be counted as an additional vehicle and not included in the base rate.

Are you close to Branféré Park ?

- The campsite is located 5 minutes drive from the Park Branféré.

Are you close to the beaches ?

- Damgan is located 10-15 minutes from the campsite

- Billiers is located 10 minutes from the campsite.

- Pénestin is 25 minutes from the campsite.

Are there hiking trails near the campsite ?

- Yes, you can see one below

Are there fishing courses near the campsite ?

- Yes you can consult them by clicking here.

Are pets allowed in the campsite ?

- Yes, according to the general conditions of hiring of the campsite Blanche Hermine which you can see here, in heading 11 /.

Questions about the pool, the snack ...:

The swimming pool :

- You can enjoy the pool from 10h until 19h30 / 20h.

In high season, evenings are offered until 23h.

We do not have a pool attendant, so parents are responsible for their children.

- The pool is covered and heated.

- We do not accept swim shorts or shoes.

The footbath and shower are mandatory for all.

Is there a deposit of bread and pastries ?

- Yes but only for the period of July and August.

Home :

Opening hours in high season: 09H30 to 13H30 - 14H00 to 19H00

Out of season: 09H30 to 12H30 - 14H00 to 17H00

What should I do if I think I will arrive late ?

- Do not hesitate to call the campsite on 02 97 45 67 03 to inform the reception of your arrival.

or to contact the SNACK if it is open