Gulf of Morbihan


During your stay at the campsite, make use of the proximity of the Gulf of Morbihan and this sea enclosed by the Isle of Rhuys. Discover, on foot or by boat, the unusual and typical landscape of south Brittany.

Leave in search of the nearly 300 isles in the Gulf of Morbihan. Climb their rocks, stroll around on the beach and take a walk in the herbariums or salt ponds where nearly 150,000 water birds cohabit, including Avocets, Stilts and Gulls.

Relax on the large Quiberon beach, departure point for a jaunt on the ocean. Discover the isles of the Gulf of Morbihan, particularly the Isle of Arz and the Isle of Moines and enjoy the mild Morbihan climate. Visit the alignments of standing stones at Carnac and the old stones of the medieval cities of Morbihan (Vannes ramparts, Elven Towers, Manor of Plessis Josso, chateau of Suscinio).

Consult the Gulf of Morbihan tourist office site.

Maritime cruises and visits to the Isles of Morbihan

In fresh or salt water, sail to the Breton isles of the Gulf of Morbihan or enjoy a cruise along the Vilaine.

Boat rides

Visits to the isles of the Gulf of Morbihan: Arz, isle aux moines, ria d’Etel, isle de Houât, isle d’Hoëdic, isle de Groix, Belle-Ile-en-Mer with the islands company, departing from Quiberon.

Boat rides on the Nantes to Brest Canal

Cruises in old riggers, traditional sailing boats, no-permit motor boats, alone or in a group, all means of navigation are available!

Les Vedettes Jaunes organise cruises on the Vilaine departing from Arzal, La Roche Bernard and Redon.